Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sick child

It finally happened. One of the kids is sick enough to miss school today. Actually the doctor said that he cannot go back to school for 3 days, to make sure he is not contagious. Did I mention that this is exam week at school. Yeah, what timing!

I am just so thankful that the kids are healthy this time in Jordan. When we were here for the summer 3 years ago, they were sick every other week. Praise God. I really believe that the better quality vitamins I give them everyday is soooo worth the extra cost. When my husband comes to visit in 2 months, he will bring me at least a 6 month supply. Hint, Hint.

On another note, my daughter is running me ragged. The other day she made a mess with my eyeliner. Today, guess what mischief she was up to? You will never guess. Yes, my darling, sweet angel poured the entire bottle of pancake syrup on the bedroom rug. What a mess! She always waits patiently for my attention to be elsewhere (sick boy) before she makes her move. Her punishment was a long shower with multiple hair washings. I do not think she will put anything in her hair in the near future. Grrrr.

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