Saturday, October 10, 2009

I need more courage!

I love to get a copy of the Jordan Times when I shop at the Sultan, which is the Jordan equivalent to a Sam's Club in America. Reading the news online is just not the same as having the actual paper in your hands. There is nothing better than sipping a freshly brewed cup of coffee, while leisurely reading about the days events. I just wish the kids would give me 5 minutes of quiet time so that I can really enjoy it!

Anyway, the book launch at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts caught my attention. I really would have liked to have gone today. The book being launched was a childrens book about Jordan. I thought the kids would have liked the event. So, how do you say the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts? I have no idea, and I did not have enough courage to try to communicate with a taxi driver. Even though I looked up the website for a physical address, I still did not have the courage to load up the kids and try to find a place I have never even seen on the street!

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