Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Will Stick With My Own Cleaners!

For four years I have replaced my household cleaners from the toxic chemicals to more natural cleaners that I have purchased or made myself. No longer have I needed to wear a face mask or gloves to clean the bathroom or any other surface in my home. Even though it is difficult to find non-toxic cleaners here in Jordan, I am thankful that I brought some Basic H2 with me from home.

Why am I talking about this? Well, I am basically considered a freak of nature here. My in-laws LOVE their toxic cleaners. Let me give you an example of what they do that wigs me out! They add Clorox Bleach to their dishwater and wash their dishes in a mix of the dish soap and bleach. I asked why they did this and was told that it gets the meat smell out of the dishes. Huh? Okay? I always have to wear my rubber gloves when I help clean their dirty dishes. Yesterday, unfortunately, I had to stop helping in the middle of dish duty. My sis-in-law sprayed a massive amount of OVEN CLEANER on the dirty frying pan right in front of me. I breathed in a small amount and my lungs were on fire! My eyes immediately began to water, and I began to cough. I was literally running for the door.

From now on I will have to hold my breath when I help out with kitchen cleanup.

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