Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Hooray Before School Starts

I am sorry to be MIA the last couple of weeks.  We had the Eid Holiday, I had a sinus infection that lasted a week and a half, and school starts on Sunday.  To say it has been a little crazy around here is an understatement.

Yesterday, we went to the park to celebrate my niece, Myrna's, birthday.  Yes, she is our Hurricane Katrina baby.  She was born in Baton Rouge during the hurricane, so we will never forget her birthday.  (As a side note, I was constantly on my computer reading updates on Hurricane Issac.  I am so thankful all my family and friends are alright.  Praise the Lord!)

Gorgeous cake!

It is not a party until you dance on the table!

Waiting to sing and eat cake!

Rami is a goof!

My son is sooooo handsome!

Homemade candle lanterns.  You fill the bag about a third of the way with sand or dirt and insert a candle in the middle.  Light the wick and watch it burn.  Be sure to tell all the children that if they get up from their seat, they will be fed to the dogs.  (or just scare the crap out of them so they will stay in their seat.  We do not want to start a forest fire at our wonderful park!)

Happy Birthday to Myrna!

Fun times!

PS. I recently had my hair cut.  I will never have long hair again.  What do you think?


  1. Love the cut on you! Shorter hair is so much easier to manage. :)

  2. Thank you very much. I am loving it too! I am thinking of going shorter next haircut!