Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Car Wreck!

I have been driving in Amman, Jordan for the last two years.  Even though people here drive like 2 year olds (Seriously, there is no one that stays in their lanes.  The government does not even bother repainting the lines on the road, because everyone ignores them anyway.), I have never been in a car accident.  Until today!

I had just dropped Rami off at his friend's house and was driving home.  I am at a complete stop in front of a red light, when I glance in my rear view mirror.  What do I see?  A van speeding down the hill with no intention of stopping for the light or me.  I freeze.  I hear the squeal of tires from a hard brake, but it is too late.  He hits me in the rear.

Praise God, the man did not run away.  He hurried to my car to make sure that Layla and I were OK.  I was very shaken, and Layla cried a little because she was frightened.  Usually, Layla does not wear a seat belt.  (I know, I know)  It just so happened that I was irritated with her earlier in the car ride for not sitting nice in the seat that for punishment she had to wear the seat belt (I know, I know).  Oh how bad it could of been!!!!!

We did not involve the police, because
 1. the man had no insurance (he wrote us a check to pay for the damages,) and
2. I do not technically have a valid driver's licence.  (But I can play stupid American and say I do not speak any Arabic and my husband is coming.)

In closing, Layla and I are fine.  Only my neck hurts from whiplash.  Before the impact, I tensed.  I wish I did not see him coming.  I have checked the internet for simple remedies to whiplash.  I will be sleeping with a rolled towel under my neck instead of my very comfy pillows.  I wonder how well I will sleep tonight (very sarcastic tone!)?  If this remedy does not work, does anyone have any other suggestions?

P.S. The trunk of my car is very messed up.  Our estimate for repairs is about $1000.  Swell!  I hope to post a pic of the car tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned.

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