Monday, August 13, 2012

The Day After Someone Returns From Vacation

On Sunday, my family and I returned to Amman after a week-long holiday in Palestine. We stayed with Ray's sister on the family farm, we spent a day in Jerusalem, and we went to the beach in Netanya. I hope to post many pictures, but I have to wait for my husband to upload from his camera.

Here are two fantastic reasons why I am not in charge of the camera photos:

I do not notice when someone is about to walk between my camera and my subject. 

 I cannot seem to catch a smile on my daughter's face.  (She still looks beautiful in traditional dress with her cousin, Mya)

Strike Three, my camera dies after taking these two photos.

And so, I must nag and wait for my husband to upload his photos to facebook.

I do not know anyone that enjoys the first day home after vacation.  I certainly do not!  We returned to our house and everything had a thick layer of dust on it.  It looked like we were gone for the entire school year not just one week!  Here in Amman, the dust accumulates in your home very fast.  This is one of the reasons that my daily life includes dusting and mopping floors many times a day. I keep a mop bucket in the kitchen and ready for use all day long.

We also had a freezer incident while we were gone.  Apparently, the freezer was too full and disorganized, that some food shifted.  This caused food to fall out of the freezer and fall onto the floor, which was not discovered until three days later.  Praise God for my wonderful nieces!  They cleaned up the mess for us.  Did I ever mention how wonderful my husband's family is?  Well I will say it again.

Welcome home to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramadan is quickly coming to a close.  The Eid holiday is scheduled to begin on Saturday and last until Tuesday.  Next stop, school starts!  Where did the summer go?

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