Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Embarrassing Moment of the Day

OMG!  Don't you hate it when you misunderstand a situation, and find out about it months later?  Well, do I have a story for you.  So sit back, and prepare to laugh until you cry at my expense.  All I can say is, "Only in Jordan!"

Ray, the kids, and I are on the way to the ice cream shop for a last family outing before Ray returns to the States.  We stop at the gas station to get gas, and I ask Ray if this was the station where he had the car's oil changed.  No, he had it changed at the hole in the wall mechanic shop down the street.  I know this place. This is the place that I usually go when my tires need air in them.

I proceed to tell Ray that I need to visit this mechanic shop to put air in my front passenger tire, because it is low.  He offers to take the car for me, but I politely refuse and tell him that I know how to handle it on my own.  I tell him that in the past I just pull up to the shop and say, "Law samat, biddi air".  This means, please I need air.  Or so I thought.

There is an Arabic word that sounds just like the English word "air".  It is not a nice word.  In fact, it is a very bad, bad word.

All this time, I thought the guys working at the mechanic shop were laughing and smiling at me because I am the American girl trying her best to speak Arabic.  I thought they were encouraging me.  I thought they were impressed with how well I spoke.  BIG FAT NOOOOOO.  They were laughing at the __________American girl.

Ray has just informed me ,today, that previously at the mechanic shop,  I boldly declared to all the sweaty mechanics that I want d!$k.  Yes, indeed.  While my husband is away, I want to play............ with sweaty, gross men, NOT!

So folks, today's Arabic vocabulary lesson is a word that sounds like "air".  It means "a penis".  


  1. eeeeeeek! hehe that really made me chuckle. Thanks for teaching me before I make the same mistake!! I'll watch out for that one : D

  2. One of my finer moments for all to learn from. hehehe.

  3. Hi! I am really enjoying your blog that I stumbled upon! I am from Lafayette, LA and am also married to a Jordanian man, from Amman as well. I have yet to visit, I am a little nervous. Loving all of your advice before I take the trip!

  4. I am so glad you enjoyed my blog. I moved back to Baton Rouge last January, and I rarely check the comments on this blog. Did you visit Amman? I still miss it just about everyday.