Monday, July 30, 2012

Gummie Candies and Gummie Snacks Rot your Teeth!

I am not a complete moron.  I did know that gummie anything would eventually rot your teeth, but I thought it would take time.  Like at least over 10 years.  Not sooooo.  I have been officially kicked in the butt.  I have received the "Bad Mom" Award this week.

All my kids love gummie anything.  It is their favorite treat.  I admit that I was nonchalant about their daily fix of gummies from the dukan (little shop) down the street.  It made them happy and the candy is dirt cheap.  You can get 2 gummies for 5 cents.  Well, they are not cheap anymore, after a trip to the dentist.

Who, you may ask, has rotten teeth?  My oldest? No, but he does have braces.  My middle?  No, but that would have made more sense.  That leaves my youngest?  YES!!!  The four year old with all her baby teeth had to have dental work done.  Not just any work done.  She had two root canals done on her back molars!!!!  I am in my mid thirties and have never had a root canal done (But I am long overdue for a dental checkup).  It is very ________ (fill in the blank) that my four year old has had two root canals. UGH.

Can you believe that?  I have instructed my kids that gummies are no longer allowed in their mouths!!!!!  Not even the vitamins.  They will have to just be happy with chips, chocolate, and gum from now on!  lol.

Our dentist said that gummies are the worst thing to eat for teeth.  Let this be a lesson to all!  Say No to Gummies!

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  1. they can still have gum? Gum...gummies... Had your orthodontist explain that to Emily!! LOL