Saturday, July 21, 2012

First Day of Ramadan

Hooray, Ramadan is here!  (For those of you that know me, lol.  For those of you who do not know me, read past post).  Ramadan is a fasting month for Muslims where you do not eat or drink anything during the daylight hours.  This year will be the hottest and the longest fasting time in many years.  It also does not help that Jordan is in the middle of another heat wave.  Most people are staying up all night and sleeping as much as they can during the day.  In my opinion, these are smart people!

In previous years, the first meal of Ramadan is spent with everyone crowded around the food on the floor of Teta's garden.  This means 10 adults and 14 kids in the space of about a 12 seat dining room table.  Very crowded, loud, and messy.

This year, we broke fast in our separate houses.  It was a nice change, and very relaxing. I cooked macaroni spaghetti and fixed my yummy salad.

Now, I knew that Teta was cooking stuffed grape leaves, (yummy, but too much work involved), so I had to get me some.  I traded two bowls of macaroni spaghetti and two bowls of yummy salad for a plate full of stuffed zucchini and grape leaves.  Score!!

Congratulations to Rami for fasting the entire day!  Great job to Adam for fasting 8 hours.  Layla is too young to fast.  As for me,........  I am Christian. 

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