Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baba is Home!

Yes, he is!  Baba is home for 7 weeks!  I am sooo loving how he has been able to visit us every three months this year.  The first year I was in Jordan, guess how many times he could visit?  If you answered ZERO, than you win first prize.  My second year in Jordan has been a different story, thank God.  Ray has been able to visit 3 times for at least 4 weeks every three months.  Love him!

This visit was the "Surprise visit".  The kids and my in-laws did not know the correct date he would arrive.  I actually was a good liar this time.  On the day of Ray's arrival,  Layla and I left our house with my lie of needing to go grocery shopping. (My MIL says ,now, that she was suspicious because I was going grocery store shopping with makeup on?lol)  I even told Layla that we were going to the airport, because a man was bringing her a present from Baba.  hehe.  She bought it!

On our way home, I called Rami on the phone to tell him and Adam to get their butts downstairs and help me with the "groceries".  But before we round the corner to the house, Ray wants to get out of the car and walked the rest of the way.  So, Layla and I round the corner in the car, and see Rami and Adam waiting with a confused expression on their faces (because Layla is screaming inside the car, "Baba is here!"over and over)  Ray takes his sweet time walking around the corner.  During this time, all the kids do not know what to believe.  Needless to say,  it was a very exciting reunion.

The Next Morning Cuddle Time!

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