Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Well, an update is by far, long overdue.  My family and I have been back in Amman, Jordan for two years.  Why have I not been posting new material, you might ask?  I could make excuses and say, "All my work was lost in cyberspace!" or "The dog, we do not have, ate it!".  But I won't.  I will tell you that I did not post because I did not post.  No reason, no excuses.

The last two years have been an education.  My greatest accomplishment is navigating the streets of my adopted city.  I know so much about my way around Amman, that even my mother in law is impressed.  Snaps for me!

As of now, the kids and I are trying to make it through another heat wave in Amman.  We are bundled at night in the one room with air conditioning, the boys' room.  It is actually very nice.

Thank goodness we have a year membership to YMCA (Can you believe they have one of those here?!  My husband saw the sign for it on the highway by chance the last time he was here for a visit.  Love him!).  The kids and I are swimming 3 times a week.  We are all getting so tan!  MIL is kinda freaking out about how dark the kids are.  Here in Jordan, everyone wants lighter skin.  Everyone, except the crazy Americans who adore tans.

Anyway, in closing, I have decided to return to blogging about my adventures here.  The past two years have given me lots of material to write about.  Yeah!!!

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