Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School cont.

Raed told me that maybe ladies were not allowed in the boys assembly area. Well, duh! You think! Anyway, I met Adam's teacher and she was a young, petite woman that was soft spoken and seemed very nice. I know that Adam will adjust to her very well. For the first time, he looked excited about school. He even said we could go. I worried about him for nothing it seems.

Once we left Adam's classroom, Raed and I wanted to see Rami settled in his classroom. Rami was still at the assembly area when we met up with him. He was standing in his grade line with a terrified look in his eyes. Raed went up to him to reassure him. Rami seemed so relieved to see us. Raed and I followed Rami to his classroom and met his teacher, Ms. Aminie. Raed and I left the school feeling confident that the boys would settle in nicely.

Later on, I anxiously waited for the bus to return the boys home. Around 3:15, the bus finally arrived. Adam was excited to tell all about his day, but Rami looked like he was about to cry. Rami, it seems, did not want to call attention to himself and make it clear to his teachers that he did not know any Arabic, and so the teachers assumed that the entire class spoke Arabic. Needless to say, he was very upset because they spoke no English the entire day. I assured him that if he does not understand, he needs to raise his hand and ask for the teacher to translate. Raed actually went to the school today to talk to the principal to make sure all was okay.

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