Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School

Yesterday was Rami and Adam's first day of school. We were all a little nervous about beginning school in a new country. But things turned out fine.

Raed and I chose to enroll the boys in the International Independent Schools. This school was the first one we toured from our list of possible schools. We did not even research their website prior to the visit ( Once we toured the school and studied the fees, we were excited to enroll the boys in a school with many amenities at a fair tuition price.

Yesterday morning, Muhammed (Raed's brother) drove Raed, Rami, Adam and I to school. Raed walked Adam to his classroom, and I walked Rami to the boys assembly area. I asked a teacher where Rami should stand and the teacher curtly said, "here. Goodbye." I was shocked at his tone. I quickly said goodbye to Rami and and left to join Raed at Adam's classroom.

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