Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Drivers License Running Around


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Back to the Post:

Yesterday, Teta and I made plans to work on my Jordanian drivers license.  You may not know that my Louisiana Drivers License expired on my birthday last year, and I have not been to visit the States to take care of the renewal.  Apparently, you can only renew an American drivers license in America. What are the odds? lol  Because my license is expired, I am having a lot of trouble obtaining a Jordanian license.

My husband and I decided before he left that I would just obtain a drivers license like a true Jordanian.  I would have to take the drivers test, obtain certification that I went to driving school, and lie and cheat to get my license.  My brother in law knows a man, Munir (not his real name), that can get me copy of the test with answers and get a forged driving school certificate for me.  So, now I am going to feel like I am fifteen again studying for the BIG DRIVING TEST!  Lets hope I pass on the first try again.  At least this time around I will fix my hair in anticipation of passing.  lol.

So today, Munir came to take Teta and I to the Ministry.  I told Munir that I did not get a copy of the test.  He replied that we would try something different before I took the test.  Taking the test would be a last resort.  Sounds good to me.   Until........................................................................................

Munir takes us to the Ministry of Interior.  I have been here before.  I have been here many, many, times before with my husband.  Ray and I came here many times to TRY AND GET MY DRIVERS LICENSE!
Last time I was here, we were told there was no way I could  get a Jordanian license with my expired Louisiana drivers license.  Guess what they told me today?  I CANNOT GET MY JORDANIAN LICENSE WITH AN EXPIRED LOUISIANA LICENSE.  I am so glad I have clarification on that.  It does not matter how many people we ask or how many offices we step into or how many people are with me, the answer is still the same.  A big, fat NO!

I am soooo glad I inconvenienced many people today.  NOT!  I feel terrible that my brother in law took off work so he could pick my boys up from school.  Not to mention, that I will have to do this again when I go take my drivers test Wednesday or Thursday.  Munir is coming tonight to give me the copy of the drivers test and answers.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi! I have a question. I have an expired Canadian license that expired on August 6th. Anyways is there a way where I can convert the license to a Jordanian license and then they can just renew it from there? I don't want to go to school and take the test over again. Can you please help me out? I'm willing to pay anything just not to have to retake the test again! Please get back to me ASAP! Thank you so much. Love your blog