Saturday, December 8, 2012

Celebrate a New Baby Boy

A fun Arabic tradition is to have a party celebrating the birth of a son.  If you remember, my sis-in-law had a baby boy a few weeks ago.  He is a cutie named Laith.  He is her third child after two beautiful daughters, so you know his birth party would be an elaborate affair.

food - check
decorations - check
many people - check
dancing - check
give lit candles to children to hold - check  (When I saw this, I bit my tongue so hard, I bled a little)

Sons are very important in Arab countries.  Sons are raised to be protectors and providers for the family.  Many sons live in the family house for their entire lives, including their wives and children.  This tradition ensues that a mother and father are provided for in the twilight years instead of with strangers in a nursing home.

We had Laith's party when he was 2 weeks old at our newly built apartment.  My sister-in-law looked beautiful and radiant.  Her husband was a handsome and proud papa.  It was a wonderful evening.

My beautiful sons and daughter with their cousin.

Me and Sanaa and baby Laith

Beautiful Mom and Dad, Laith!
Arabic word of the day:  Son = ibn

You may be asking yourself what kind of party my two sons had.  We had a great, big .......NOTHING.  Which is unfortunate because Rami was the first male grandchild in Ray's family.  To be fair, we certainly did not have the funds for a decent celebration, and Ray has forgotten many Arabic traditions over the years.  Incredible as it seems, I have been the ______ American girl for many years.

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